MY collection

Welcome to Bazamu, a collection years in the making.

Each of the watches that have come into my collection over time have their own stories and characteristics that piqued my interest, and as I found myself thinking (often) about the beauty of each make and reference that I acquired, the idea for this site began to form.

Hopefully in cataloging each of my new finds, as well as the methods and stories behind them, it can help to inspire others in their own collecting journey. Because that's the beautiful thing about starting to collect something: there isn’t a definitive finish line. This website will, in many ways, mirror that concept of evolution, as I expect (and hope) that it will continue to change over time. More than anything, I hope that you'll stick around and continue to follow me along the journey. Timing is everything!

Perhaps it's their tangible connection to decades past, or maybe the child-like wonder that a mechanical movement can inspire. 

Whatever the reason, I'm in too deep to change course now.

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