For Sale: Movado M95 14Kt Solid Gold

Due to a big watch purchase that I just completed, it’s unfortunately time to let go of one of the cherished watches in my collection. M95s continue to be amazing value in the watch world, and this solid gold example is the perfect dress chronograph. See below for full detail:

Dial: Matte white dial is in excellent condition and features the applied “top hat” logo, which is my favorite iteration. Lume plots are all present and matching with creamy patina. There is very slight lume damage to the 12 o’clock lume plot that occurred during servicing years ago, but the other 11 plots are 10/10 (and the 12 o’clock plot is still present and in good overall shape). I find Movado dials from this era to be among the highest quality that I have seen and this is no exception.

Handset: All hands are original and the chrono hand is blued steel, which is a beautiful, subtle reminder of Movado’s finishing touches during this time period. The minute hand has lost a bit of lume, which I’ve observed in nearly every M95 that I’ve seen (I believe the lume cut-out is simply too thin). The subdials feature “kris” hands for the minute / hour counters and a gold hand for the running seconds, which add terrific flourishes to the overall design.

Case: Another reason the M95 has become one of my favorite watches is the “fat” 35mm case, which is reminiscent of the Patek Philippe 1463 and was manufactured by the same case provider (François Borgel). This example has been lightly polished at some point in the past, but the case lines are still sharp. The top of the lugs is typically the first area to lose its shape and this example still sports sharp “transitions” at the top of each lug. There is also a nice case patina that has developed over time, as can be observed in the pictures below. The “start/stop” pusher has some wear but it is hardly noticeable.

Movement / Functionality: The M95 chronograph caliber was the first modular chronograph movement produced and was utilized in continuous production for over 30 years after its introduction in 1939. Aside from being unique and horologically noteworthy, it is beautifully constructed (see last picture below) and capable of tracking up to 60 minutes, in addition to the running hours and seconds. I had the watch serviced ~5 years ago and it has been worn sparingly and in a deep rotation since then. All functions work properly and the watch keeps good time. As an FYI, this is one of the few chronographs that starts/stops using the bottom button and resets with the top.

Accessories: The watch is being sold head only.

PRICE: $11,000, which includes fully insured Fedex Priority shipping. Payment via PayPal (F&F or add 3% if using PP) or direct bank wire. US sale strongly preferred. Returns are not accepted unless I have materially misrepresented something (and I don’t believe I have).