Blue Bezel Database

If you’re wondering about the vibrant blue bezel on your vintage Speedmaster and want to know if it fits with other publicly observed examples, you’ve come to the right place. The table below contains all known vintage Speedmasters that have an original “true blue” bezel. Why does this ultimately matter? These bezels command a premium and are highly desirable, and unfortunately, that also means that counterfeit blue bezels have been observed, as well as sellers trying to market Speedmasters incorrectly. As a buyer, the more knowledge you can arm yourself with, the better.

If you look at the table below, a couple of trends stick out immediately:

  1. The vast majority of observed references with “true blue” bezels are the 105.003-64 and 105.012-64. This doesn’t necessarily mean that other pre-moon Speedy references with similar bezels are not original, but (to-date) the data does not support a wide range of serials or reference numbers.
  2. There are two serial ranges that appear most frequently (2208XXXX and 20527XXX) and are uniformly connected to the -64 references mentioned above.
  3. Beware a seller or owner who markets a Speedmaster with a faded bezel as a “blue bezel,” as many do not exhibit the same characteristics as the “true blue” bezels captured here. The shade should be vibrant and metallic – i.e. you shouldn’t have to tilt the watch to a perfect angle, squint your eyes, and trust the seller’s photographs to believe that it’s blue. There are hyperlinks included to all known examples, so use them!

Unfortunately, there are not enough data points for sale prices (and premiums that are attributable to the bezels), but as this continues to develop over time, I will update this post with thoughts on general premiums that are merited by correct blue bezels.

Finally, if you have any questions about your own blue-bezeled Speedmaster or want to submit your Speedmaster’s information for database purposes, please reach out to me at!

Speedmaster Blue Bezel Database

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